As is visually most powerfully demonstrated in these photographs of a completed Acres Ahead garden landscaping project in Chippenham, Wiltshire, bringing together a number of natural landscaping elements creates a rich tapestry which the householder can then embroider to taste with pots of plants, garden statuary and garden furniture.

For this project our Chippenham garden designers used a combination of natural stone paving, timber features, gravel verges and lush green lawn turf to create a neat, inviting and multi-dimensional space, ideal for entertaining. All you need do to start the party is add some luxurious loungers along with tables and chairs and this landscaped Chippenham garden will be swinging.

Acres Ahead have landscaped many Chippenham gardens in similar style – and in various other styles to suit the taste of the homeowners. We’d be delighted to transform your garden in Chippenham, large or small.

Call us on 01249 540128 or 07737 001383 (mobile) or email to begin the make-over of your Chippenham outdoor space.