Garden Decking in Calne SN11

Decking in Calne

At Acres Ahead Ltd we offer highly effective wood decking solutions across Calne SN11. Wood decking is a stylish and practical way to use your garden space for entertaining and leisure activities such as summer family barbeques or cosy winter nights under the stars. The affordable and efficient product is a great modern alternative to paving and can be considered more attractive; preferring the natural wood look over concrete stone.

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Composite Decking, Calne

There are different types of wood decking available for your Calne property. A popular choice is composite wood decking, which is made up of a compound of wood fibres and recycled plastics. The decking board shapes are created by being heated, formed and cooled. Composite decking boards are very low maintenance and are mould and rot-resistant. This means that they can last decades. However, the upfront cost can be expensive compared to their counterparts, yet an investment in your outdoor living space in the long run.

PVC Plastic decking, Calne

PVC decking is a super low-maintenance choice of decking, made solely from plastic. Its plastic material makeup means it will retain its shape for many years to come without warping, splitting or rotting. However, this luxury will come at a cost with PVC decking at the higher end in the price range of garden decking. For the great benefits PVC material can boast, its downfall can be from the unnatural and artificial appearance.

Pressure-Treated Softwood decking, Calne

Pressure-treated softwood decking timber boards are the classic wooden decking most commonly used. Pressure-treated softwood timber is an affordable choice that provides a beautiful traditional natural look, in-fitting with most garden designs. Pressure-treated softwood decking is easily sourced and readily available, making softwood decking the most affordable choice when designing the garden. However, pressure-treated softwood decking is susceptible to warping, splitting and rotting if not well maintained. Even with maintenance, deterioration will occur over time.

Hardwood decking, Calne

Hardwood decking boards are similar to softwood boards in their natural material style. However, the wood sourced comes from tropical trees that are more naturally resistant to deterioration effects such as warping, rotting and splitting. Hardwood decking boards are more expensive than softwood but do last the distance and provide a beautiful stylish landscape.

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Whichever style, material or design you are after for your garden decking in Calne, SN11, the professional experienced team at Acres Ahead Ltd will guide you every step of the way. Re-invent your garden landscaping with stylish, practical and affordable decking with Acres Ahead Ltd. get in touch with us today for a free, no-obligation quote.