Distinctive Driveways

Driveways can be a practical way for you to store vehicles safely on your property and a place that connects your home to main roads. Also, a driveway provides a place that can be so much more than just for vehicle storage such as a netball/basketball court, a safe place for children to play, or someplace to put a gate to secure your property further.

At Acres Ahead, we offer our driveway designs in a range of materials, finishes and architecture. We use materials that fit how much maintenance the customer is willing to do to keep their drive in tip-top condition. Once we do the hard work you can enjoy your new driveway, only having to sweep a few leaves off in autumn.

We provide driveways that are also very durable, regardless of material or design. So, yours will stay in pristine condition for many years to come, whatever the element throw at it. We can design your driveway to be anti-slip if you need it to be more accessible, and we can do custom designs into the driveway. Also, our driveways always come with expert drainage solutions.

If you’re inspired to improve your garden or grounds in West Wiltshire, contact us for a free, no obligation consultation and quotation so you’ll get an idea of what it’s possible to achieve.

Deigning your Driveway

At Acres Ahead, our experienced team of driveway builders will handle everything, from the initial planning to final touches like drains, curb cuts, end slopes and plants. We’ll create a high-quality driveway that fits your style and budget, to make it suitable year-round.

We work with you and your ideas to create a driveway that fit your needs and house design. Our skilled team always endeavour to build driveways that reflect what you ultimately want and need. All this is achieved using only the highest-quality driveway materials.

We look at your home’s design and then work around them to bring you the best possible driveway to suit your needs.  

Finishing Touches

As experienced driveway builders, we only use the best techniques and resources to achieve your vision, hoping to ensure joy from the final result. We achieve this using our many years of expertise in building driveways, and by continuing to use modern building techniques.

We have created a range of wonderful driveways for homes of all shapes and sizes at properties in the Wiltshire and Bath area which hold practical values at their core.

Furthermore we are more than happy to communicate as frequently as you’d like throughout the design and build process all the way to completion because we understand that this everyone on the same page. Thereby ensuring you get best result possible!

Once you speak to our team, you’ll be left in no doubt that as to how a new driveway can provide you a practical place to park your vehicles. At Acres Ahead, we have the resources to bring you your dream driveway design. Contact us on 01249 540128 or 07737 001383 to speak to our helpful team today

Contact us for a free, no obligation consultation and quotation


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